James Cameron emerged from the wreck of the Titanic and brought us this fantastic movie… it’s really great! It takes you on a really nice trip to a sci-fi world full of colors, action and emotions. Really worth watching in the next 3D cinema near you. You can download it via eMule btw: http://www.osiolek.com/?id=30445&o=5.30445 (this copy has a nice video and audio quality for a screener).

The movie is very American… it picks up the sense of guilt of white Americans for the Indians and somehow refers also to Iraq where American soldiers die for oil. In the movie they die for these crystals worth millions.

Also Cameron has been pretty much involved in the game production… and the assets from the movie have been reused in the game! Wow! I played the demo … you can really see that. Fantastic foliage and animations!

Download the demo here:


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