Finally it’s out and probably I will get one as a replacement for the old G4 PowerBook that we are using at home as a Couch-Internet-Surfing-Device. What I miss in it is a DVD drive for watching movies and a simple USB port. Apple announced a USB-converter called “iPad Camera Connection Kit” so you can get your photos on the iPad but IMHO it should be just there. Of course you can get movies via iTunes and then watch them on the iPad but DVDs are something you can buy everywhere and watch wherever you want. If you watched the Apple Keynote you maybe noticed that the New York Times didn’t have ads when Steve Jobs presented it… that’s because the Mobile Safari doesn’t have Macromedia Flash. For me the web experience is not complete without Flash so I think Apple needs to do something here! It amazed me as well that the iPad can’t handle multitasking so you wouldn’t be able to write an email and listen to music at the same time. A nice to have would be a webcam… but hey, for surfing the internet, checking emails and watching youtube videos it’s perfect!

More info: http://www.apple.com/ipad/specs/

Nice coverage: http://www.mayursha.com/blog/?ref=Yahoo

European Poster Competition

Make sure to vote for the best poster at this cool competition! http://www.designeurope2010.eu

The revenge of Netscape

It looked for a while that Microsoft won the browser war with their Internet Explorer against Netscape… but since a few years the trend is changing. It’s not Netscape coming back of course but it is a late revenge in my opinion. Many people don’t know that Mozilla Firefox is a successor of one of the latest Netscape versions (more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mozilla_Application_Suite). How large the market share of Firefox is depends on the country and the visited site but IE gets the underdog with more users having Firefox than Internet Explorer on many sites! It’s amazing how a browser that doesn’t come with your Operating System can gain such a vast popularity!

My first browser has been something that came with the CompuServe installation CD-ROM and I’m not sure if it has been Mosaic or an early CompuServe-branded Netscape version but after discovering Netscape I started using it for many years… till version 6. Then at some re-install of my Windows system where I’ve been too lazy to install Netscape I started using Internet Explorer and kept using it for many years. About two years ago I started using Firefox due to the vast amount of very useful add-ons! It hasn’t be the browser itself or any security related issue that made me switch… it have been the add-ons!

More on the browser wars: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Browser_wars

Check how Firefox gained market share: http://gs.statcounter.com/?nomore=ie6#browser_version-ww-weekly-200827-200951

Tron: Evolution

Nice to see that there will be another new Tron game! More info: http://uk.ps3.ign.com/articles/105/1054924p1.html

Here is the 1982 original trailer of Tron – one of my favorite movies btw!


The internet is full of assholes… this is nothing new. A good way of protecting yourself and your computer from being accessed by such people or organizations is PeerBlock (http://www.peerblock.com). It’s more or less the successor of Peerguardian (that stopped updating itself with the recent block list btw). Fore more advanced users who want to create custom block lists I recommend the Blocklist Manager (http://blocklistpro.com/)


This is a great piece of software! Radiotracker does what I’ve done as a boy by recording music on cassettes from radio stations… this software runs web-streaming radio stations and records them automatically. All web radio stations transmit the artist and the title so the program knows what it is recording. This way you can build a 100% legal mp3 library of music titles! Yesterday I installed the basic version that came on a CHIP magazine CD and the program recored like 20 rock titles in just a few minutes. Fantastic! You can specify what genre you would like to recored and set up to 7 parallel stations to record from. Great stuff!

More info: http://radiotracker.com/en/audials/internet-radio-recorder-webradio-streaming-mp3-wma-aac-music-downloads-recording-id3/index.html

Apple Tablet

Apple is getting closer to announce their tablet computer called iTab (probably in March) and a lot of people get excited but I think this will fail just like every¬†other Tablet PCs… why? Tablet PCs are not a real alternative to notebooks but maybe Apple will surprise me with their ingenious ideas and this will be truly revolutionary? Let’s see! I’m curious. The image on the top is fanart btw… no real picture of the iTab (or however it will be really called).

Video on WSJ Tech: http://online.wsj.com/video/news-hub-apple-tablet-anticipation-builds/56C4E3A6-3760-44E6-9041-EA9F9B4A117D.html