2009 has been a good but also very exhausting year for me. In January our daughter Anastasia has been born and that meant waking up once or twice per night for me and my wife. Many things changed in our life and today I can’t imagine our life without the baby.

At work I have been glad about not being fired in the 3rd round of layoffs in my company. I’ve have been pretty sure they won’t fire me or anyone else in my business unit as it’s revenue generating and probably a business unit that would be closed last (it’s Advertising Technology – yea, the little annoying ads everywhere – my job is to make sure they show up correctly) but still… you can never know and it’s a crazy feeling on the day of the announcements of the layoffs. Nobody wants to pick up the phone… scary

2009 has also been the year of the global economic crisis caused by greedy bankers. The downturn took many companies with it and some brands will never come back like Saab, Märklin, Karstadt-Quelle or Midway & Grin Games.

Probably the most important public event that will stay in my mind from 2009 is the death of Michael Jackson… sad


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