Today I bought a Camcorder… our old VHS-C Camcorder is so old that the battery stopped to work and it’s time to enter the HD-age as well! First I thought about going for a Samsung Mini-DVD Camcorder but when I found out that you can only write 10 times on a Mini-DVD and it’s only is capable of recording 30 minutes I decided to go for a chip-memory-format in terms of storage. My new Camcorder is a Rollei Movieline SD5 HD (more info: and I will be able to record up to 60 minutes in the highest quality on the 8GB SD card.

The really crazy thing about this Camcorder is that this is no Japanese, Koren or Chinese manufacturer… it’s a German company founded in 1920!

This is their famous Rolleiflex from 1927: