Epic win over telecoms by the European Union

Another epic win by the European Union after the one billion Euro fine on Intel (https://warczyk.wordpress.com/2009/05/16/go-home-intel/) and bashing the telecoms giants for far too high roaming prices and introducing a standard for mobile charging devices! Here is the next:


“Broad new telecommunications rules for the European Union have finally been fully approved, carrying various customer benefits. When a customer chooses to change service providers, the company will be required to transfer the same mobile phone number to the company that has landed the customer, within one working day. And the automatic downloading of personalised information to a user’s computer when he visits a Web site will need the customer’s consent.

Viviane Reding, the EU’s information society Commissioner talked about further assurances as well: “When data are lost — personal data — the person should be informed immediately. Internet access could not be cut off without first going through a judge, and so on. So, we see that consumers’ rights are central to this new legislation.””

Just recently Microsoft messed up their T-Mobile service and lost the data of users so this topic is hot (more info: http://www.finanznachrichten.de/nachrichten-2009-10/15177910-t-mobile-sidekick-us-users-face-personal-data-loss-020.htm)

I general I think it’s a great idea to stop the telecoms from doing what they want… they behaved too long like an international mafia! I’ve been a victim of the roaming prices BTW… Vodafone tried to tell me that I need to pay 2800 Euro for using my German 3G/GPRS service in Poland for one week. I took a lawyer and we finally settled without going to court but still I paid a lot for the lawyer and the settlement.