Modern Warfare 2 download


Yesterday I bought the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Nothing special about that but what is interesting is the price online and in retail stores!

First I thought I will get it on the launch date via Xfire online-download-buy as I thought it only costs 60$ in their online-download-shop: – that’s about 40€ – a good price for a new game that has been just released – but then Xfire or their parter site Metaboli messed something up in the localization and 60$ became suddenly 60€! I checked the price on a different local online-download-store by Metaboli ( called GamerUnlimted ( and there the price has been 50$. Ok, that sounded reasonable to me and  I tried to buy it there… but the ordering process failed as I had to run through an age verification that obviously didn’t work! Yesterday I went to my local Saturn store and bought the game in the traditional way in a DVD box for 45€! Well… Metaboli just messed up. If they would have had a consistent price throughout their co-branded online-stores and a working currency conversion I probably would have spent my money on their website.

If you don’t know Modern Warfare 2 yet – go check out this video!



Nice MW2 website with more screenshots and videos:


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