Inglourious Basterds


Quentin Tarantino tends to make brutal movies. Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill are kind of splatter funny but Inglourious Basterds shocked me a little bit in some scenes, especially the one at the end (no worries – I don’t tell what’s in it). In general I liked it very much but I didn’t get rid of the feeling that I’m watching a jewish revenge-fantasy movie where Hitler dies in an assault on him – it happens in a very short scene and is not mentioned further. It’s not like any other movie that shows WWII and the Nazis from a historic and educational prespecitve. It’s fiction based on WWII. This movie is what Wolfenstein is in the video gaming world: Great entertainment!

by arwene9

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  1. inglourious basterds is really a nice film that was set on a timeline during World War II “

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