Mickey Mouse Obama


The topic is maybe not the most up to date but it’s just right for me today (sitting sick at home with headache). Obama and his Mickey Mouse diplomacy. I always thought that this guy is cleverer than Bush – No chance! He called the Czech prime minister at midnight out of bed just to tell him that he’s gonna cancel the missile defense shield deal but what’s MUCH BETTER is the date he has chosen to call the Polsih prime minister: The 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland! I call this total ignorance. Many Americans have the great talent to ignore European culture (Believe me, I work at an American company) but what Obama has done is total madness. Now Putin is going to piss on him…

… the irony couldn’t be better. Obama, who promised a lot and reached nothing yet gets the Nobel prize. For what? For his ignorant Mickey Mouse diplomacy and ignoring Eastern Europe?

Artwork by Snuggles – http://www.flickr.com/photos/ihatesnuggles/

Another nice blog post about this topic: http://therobalution.com/?p=1230

Here is a funny video I found – Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama – check it out


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