Hardkor 44


A very promising  animated movie is Tomek Baginski’s Hardkor 44. A Sci-Fi version of Warsaw Uprising. The concept art looks great! It’s a very controversial scenery that might be misunderstood by many people. The real Warsaw uprising from 1944 gets moved into a Sci-Fi Manga style environment. The Nazi-Cyborgs look a little bit like from the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein but that doesn’t matter. The design is ultra cool! (Return to Castle Wolfenstein – my favorite game by the way – I created custom multiplayer maps for it and the successor Enemy Territory – more on my site pazurmapping) Check out this sideshow of Hardkor 44 with concept art graphics:

More info: http://www.hardkor44.pl/

Taking in account that Tomek Baginski is an award winning computer graphics artist this can only become a great movie. Check out his “Cathedral” short movie that won a SIGGRAPH award:

“Fallen Art” that won the Animago award is funny as well:

Recently Tomek contributed to the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai by creating an animated movie about the history of Poland:

… so when is this movie getting out? Bad news. Long time to wait. It’s planned for 2012.

Interesting article on the Nazi-Cyborg topic: http://www.collegeotr.com/college_otr/five_of_the_most_evil_nazis_in_video_games_18956


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