Armenia remembers WW1 genocide


Maybe not the best transition after my last post that has been some kind of funny but it’s something that was in the news yesterday and I can’t forget: The WW1 genocide of Armenians. It’s in my opinion very similar to the Holocaust and the denial of it is a shame for Turkey! It seems there are now small steps towards normalization:

“After nearly a century of hostility, Turkey and Armenia have agreed a road map to normalise ties.  The deal was made on the eve of the commemoration of the alleged 1915 mass killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks. It is thought to include the opening of their mutual border, something which would boost Turkey’s relations with the EU.”


More Information:

In general this story reminds me of the Fatherland movie with Rutger Hauer that I watched recently where you see an alternative future with Nazi-Germany that won WWII. Just like the Turks in reality the Nazis of 1964 in this movie deny the Holocaust and any genocide on the Jews.


More information on the Fatherland movie and the novel:

You can watch the complete movie on YouTube!

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