Welcome Phenom II

The Phenom II (computer in the middle) joins my rack finally! First I thought I can use the Medion P4 PC-case that I got from a colleague but it turned out to be a Micro ATX format. So I took the ATX-PC-case of an old Athlon XP 2000+ that we used for watching TV (BTW: Not our primarly TV set 😉 ) and placed the new hardware in it that I bought recently. I’m still setting up the new AMD Phenom II machine but what I can tell now is that it’s really silent (not like the Athlon 2600+ that is on the right on the upper photo – the Athlon is hell of noisy) and yea, the Phenom II has a 3.5″ Floppy drive FTW! IMHO a real PC needs to have a floppy drive! 😀 The G4 Mac on the left has no Floppy drive for example – what a shame.

booting for the first time – ASRock rocks 😀

I like the look of G.Skill RAM – fancy blue

You might want to comment the photos on Flickr (there are even some more):

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