Really funny what came out about GhostNet & the Dalai Lama now – full story: – it seems the Chinese hackers are really taking their job seriously – the bad thing is that the public is not aware of it! According to iDefense Labs there is a clear connection between the Chinese army and hacker groups since many years.

I’m 100% sure the cyberwar is going in multiple directions: China <-> USA <-> Europe – I remember when MicroSoft started “turning off” illegal Windows copies in China for one day – so there IS a backdoor in Windows. Encrypted files in Windows? Not a problem, it’s very well known that the NSA has the master-key. I think it’s very dangerous what these Chinese Hackers do – especially because they think it’s right. Dedicated site about “Red Hackers”:

Stupid box thing

Sony releases new stupid piece of shit that doesn’t fucking work – ROFL

OnLive – the revolution in video gaming


Ok, I hope this is no April Fool’s joke. OnLive is an on-demand video gaming service via video streaming. Ingenious! This is really just too cool! Powerful server clouds run the games and you can play on simple & cheap hardware over the internet. IMHO a revolution.


The only problem that I see is really the broadband internet connection for the users – it’s simply not fast enough in my opinion – the lag comes from the backbones sometimes and very often internet providers screw up.

Watch the video – it’s long but it’s worth it

More info:

When the “Internet” and “Email” sounded hi-tech


I love this videoΒ πŸ™‚ It’s so interesting how communication evolved and how Yahoo! Mail evolved . I got my first Yahoo! Mail account around 1998 and today I work for this great company.

BTW on the upper photo we have LIAM, the Yahoo! Mail mascott – if you wonder – it’s MAIL backwards πŸ˜‰

The chat screenshot conspiracy

Probably you heard about the school killing in Winnenden. One day after it happened the German police presented a screenshot in a press conference showing the announcement of this terrible massacre in a Chat-Room. I’ve been so curious that I searched for more information on the same day and got to the Chat site that has been on the screenshot. The site was down due to too many requests but it had a little message on it telling that the screenshot is a Photoshop fake. To me the Chat screenshot didn’t look authentic either – but you can never know. The next day it turned out that the screenshot was a fake indeed!

Germany School Attack

The German police admitted the mistake meanwhile. Now they are saying the expectations have been so high that they had to show something. (More Info:

… but what if?

What if it was intended and no mistake at all?

Just ask yourself who profits from such a public disinformation showing a Chat-Service involved in a school killing?

Right, the same people who asked in Germany for the “Online-Durchsuchung” and the “Bundes-Trojaner”. This is a kind of authorization for the police (or secret service) to hack your computer by using a troyan virus-like program. Nice, isn’t it? My little conspiracy theory?

Welcome Phenom II

The Phenom II (computer in the middle) joins my rack finally! First I thought I can use the Medion P4 PC-case that I got from a colleague but it turned out to be a Micro ATX format. So I took the ATX-PC-case of an old Athlon XP 2000+ that we used for watching TV (BTW: Not our primarly TV set πŸ˜‰ ) and placed the new hardware in it that I bought recently. I’m still setting up the new AMD Phenom II machine but what I can tell now is that it’s really silent (not like the Athlon 2600+ that is on the right on the upper photo – the Athlon is hell of noisy) and yea, the Phenom II has a 3.5″ Floppy drive FTW! IMHO a real PC needs to have a floppy drive! πŸ˜€ The G4 Mac on the left has no Floppy drive for example – what a shame.

booting for the first time – ASRock rocks πŸ˜€

I like the look of G.Skill RAM – fancy blue

You might want to comment the photos on Flickr (there are even some more):

Windows 7


I’ll probably get Windows 7 for my new Phenom II machine once it’s out. Ubuntu Ultimate is nice and stuff but that’s simply not Windows. I totally denied getting Vista but 7 looks great and finally MicroSoft is listening to user feedback πŸ™‚ – aghemm! – finally !!!

Did I mention that I’m a real Windows fan? I always preferred it over GEOS and OS2… I started with version 2.0 around 1989 ! The Hercules monchorme graphics back then really rocked πŸ™‚ Later I found out it can run in EGA (16 color mode) as well πŸ˜€

print ad of Windows from 1988:02big