Tom Clancy’s


More hi-res Tom Clancy’s HAWX screens:

I always thought that the Tom Clancy game series are just a cheap marketing trick to sell more Xbox console games. Like Jane’s flight simulator for example (for me Jane’s F-15 was one of the most boring flight simulators – info:

I was so wrong 😀 ! Tom Clancy games just rock!

Last year I heard that the Ghost Recon game predicted the war in Georgia. I found the Ghost Recon CD (that was bundled with a graphics card that I bought in the past) and played it. Since then I became a huge fan of the Tom Clancy series! Later I even bought Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (1+2) and Rainbow Six Las Vegas (actually I was quite pissed as it needs Shader Model 3.0 and my current graphics card has only 2.0). You might laugh, but I’m still playing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 😀 It’s such a great game. Now Tom Clancy’s HAWX – is going to get shipped soon. As a flight simulator fan I’m especially interested in it. The trailers looks astonishing so far:

Another cool recent Tom Clancy’s game is EndWar – Wow! Just check the trailers… scary!

It’s out already so there are some nice reviews – the second one is especially lovely!


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