Finally I ordered the parts for my new PC! A very reasonable configuration – best value IMHO – based on the AMD Dragon platform. I’m going to put them in the case of an old Medion P4 that I got from a colleague. Will post more soon!








Infos about the AMD Dragon platform:

BTW: I ordered at HPM Computer, a recommendation from the forum – Infos:


The longest “To:” email list ever


Today I got an email with 1365 people on the “To” list. The longest list ever! Never heard about mailing-lists?

I’m uploading only a low-res version of the screenshot so don’t even try to read the names on it.

Global propaganda machine

Don’t tell me you didn’t notice !!! 😀

In a recent speech, chief executive of the Associated Press Tom Curley said the Bush administration turned the U.S. military into a global propaganda machine while imposing tough restrictions”

I have satellite television and I’m watching sometimes the same news on the following news networks:

1. N-TV (German) … btw: N24 is a joke – forget it

2. CNN World News- you know it – it’s nice… especially the new iReport

3. Russia Today – ohh… I love the Russian sarcasm  about the West

4. Al-Jazira English – not funny at all

5. BBC World News – probably the most reasonable news

6. TVP Info – official Polish news

7. France 24 English – Frenchies

8. Euronews – EU sponsored – very cool!

Guess what… after hanging around like two hours at my TV set I maybe get an idea what really happened.


PKiN details

Hmm… I think I need to simplify the re-construction of all details of the Palac Kultury for my PKiN map. Otherwise it’s gonna kill the project. Here is a screenshot as of today:


Yodel bears & Yahoo search


“In the city of Trondheim, Norway, a group of 40 dedicated search engineers work day and night to develop one of our core technology platforms” … and they got company!


Yahoo! search engineers are doing a great job btw! Check this out:

“Last month we reported a potentially important change in search-market share trends: After years of steady decline, Yahoo’s domestic share numbers (YHOO) had increased for five months in a row.”


Tom Clancy’s


More hi-res Tom Clancy’s HAWX screens:

I always thought that the Tom Clancy game series are just a cheap marketing trick to sell more Xbox console games. Like Jane’s flight simulator for example (for me Jane’s F-15 was one of the most boring flight simulators – info:

I was so wrong 😀 ! Tom Clancy games just rock!

Last year I heard that the Ghost Recon game predicted the war in Georgia. I found the Ghost Recon CD (that was bundled with a graphics card that I bought in the past) and played it. Since then I became a huge fan of the Tom Clancy series! Later I even bought Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (1+2) and Rainbow Six Las Vegas (actually I was quite pissed as it needs Shader Model 3.0 and my current graphics card has only 2.0). You might laugh, but I’m still playing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 😀 It’s such a great game. Now Tom Clancy’s HAWX – is going to get shipped soon. As a flight simulator fan I’m especially interested in it. The trailers looks astonishing so far:

Another cool recent Tom Clancy’s game is EndWar – Wow! Just check the trailers… scary!

It’s out already so there are some nice reviews – the second one is especially lovely!

Soviet Afghanistan Veteran: They are doomed


“They are doomed” – this is what a Soviet Afghanistan Veteran said about the US & allied troops operating there today.

Documentary clip about a Soviet chopper pilot:

… ah yea, and who messed everything up back in the 80’s? Well, the superpowers. These days we pay the price. I hope the western troops won’t make the same mistakes as the Soviets! Unfortunately it seems they do: