Memories of cold war


New Russian-Cuban friendship. LOL – yea… you are kidding me. For me this is again Russian Diplomacy chess strategy on the global map. How will Omaba react? Is he going to move the missile shield planned in Poland & Czech to the Marshall Islands? If he does he risks a withdraw of Polish & Chech Troops from Afghanistan. Very interesting situation. The press plays here a very important role lately. Press releases with an unknown origin about the cancellation of Russian Iskander Missile deployment go out. Great! Cold war politics! 🙂 … and this is happening in the middle of the global financial crysis but maybe Obama will know how to use that as well?


Return of the Battlefield Heroes Beta


The announcement of the second Battlefield Heroes Beta arrived in my inbox yesterday. I hope (for them) that they improved the game! The first beta was really poor IMHO. To be frankly… after playing it for a few hours I de-installed it. Don’t forget that I’m a Battlefield 2 fan! I have even a yahoogroup about it ( The game crashed on the first startup, later my Firefox 3 browser crashed with it as well and overall the gameplay was a little bit too childish. I like Wolfenstein Enemy Territory much more (and I made a popular map for it – check it out here: – I recommend this Romanian server for playing it: W:ET is community driven other than BFH. I don’t mean the community of players. It’s the community of mod-makers and level designers who make the difference!


ETA for GA launch of Battlefield Heroes is April – source:

If you wonder how the game looked like in the first beta here is a video:

I recommend reading the Dev-Blog as well: