America’s Army 3.0

Just spotted this nice screenshot of the new version of America’s Army:


Check out more AA3 Pipeline Shots at the devblog.

Although I’m not a fan of this game it will be worth checking out once it’s released! In AA 2.x I didn’t like this “last man standing” multi player mode. It’s just boring to watch others running around after I got shot. I like Battlefield 2 (vanilla & Point of Existence mod – Not speaking of ETQW that is also a multi player battleground simulation but just with a sci-fi environment. In the game the opponent enemy parties (humans & aliens) don’t take each other very seriously. I really like that! 🙂 Even Stars and Stripes covered ETQW:

“US military newspaper Stars and Stripes recently had a chat with id Software’s Kevin Cloud and Splash Damage’s Senior Game Designer Ed ‘BongoBoy’ Stern about Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars and some of its design aspects. Since their readership largely consists of military types, a good part of the Q&A actually focuses on how ETQW’s weapons were evolved from what’s available on the battlefield today and the philosophy behind the combat tactics featured in the game. Even if you know ETQW inside out and have devoured every interview published so far, this one should make for some very interesting and fresh reading, so don’t miss it”


Witness the gameplay debut as the developers go to boot camp to “green up.” :