Obama’s review

3022653956_27edfed780_oMilitary.com poll of Nov 5th 2008

Closing Guantanamo is like the easiest Obama could do. He also announced special envoys for Afghanistan-Pakistan and Gaza… and the best: CIA and NSA should be controlled in a better way. LOL – Obama needs to be very careful or the guys from the secret services are going to remove him very quickly.

In General the “review” on the war on terror doesn’t look right to me. It’s similar to corporate re-orgs. Put a product manger here and there – consolidate – mess up the work of people who put much effort on something.

Obama can do really a lot wrong in a very short time. Guantanamo was hell for terrorists but these people are NOT innocent. I remember the case of a Muslim guy coming from Germany who has been captured in the mountains of Afghanistan. He ended up in Guantanamo. German media tried convince the public that this guy is innocent and that the USA is evil. Hey! What was this guy doing in Afghanistan? Walking and enjoying the nice view? Definitively not! In my opinion the war on terror is far from being over and the USA needs to keep up the pressure. Closing Guantanamo might be a wrong signal at the moment I think.  For sure it’s a shame for a democratic country like the USA so it had to be closed FTW.

Seems also that his “review” of the Gaza conflict is more conservative. He told Hamas to stop firing rockets. That’s ok – but again … cheap?!

Now I expect him to review the missile defense shield in Poland and Czech Republic. The contract has been signed and both countries are looking forward to get the anti-missile system and additional Patriot-SAMs installed. US troops should get there too according to the agreement. I hope he doesn’t do anything wrong here. Otherwise I think the NATO members Poland and Czech Republic will withdraw troops from Afghanistan! Oh dear!

MicroSoft, Nokia, Intel & Sony are getting into the financial crisis meanwhile. 2009 will be a really tough year for the economy. What a shame! These are really good companies. The company I work for (Yahoo) reduced workforce last year. Other companies like AMD did that as well. Omaba should focus on fixing the economy not messing up the security of the civilized world!

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090122/ap_on_go_pr_wh/obama_rdp;_ylt=Amdk4VgbFS78Kc_8IevW6cGyFz4D


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