Polish WWII Ace


Just watched a very interesting documentary on TVP Historia (http://www.tvp.pl/tvphistoria) about Witold Urbanowicz, a polish WWII ace-pilot. Very interesting!

“Among the Polish pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain a few need a special mention because of the brilliant achievements. The best of them was F/Lt Witold Urbanowicz with 15 shots. Other aces of the Battle of Britain were F/O Zdzislaw Henneberg, P/O Jan Zumbach and Sgt. Eugeniusz Szaposznikow (each with 8 kills) as well as P/O Miroslaw Feric with 7 shots. It must be  remembered that all these pilots fought in the Polish 303 squadron.”

Source: http://www.ww2.pl/The,best,Polish,pilots,in,the,battle,of,Britain,%E2%80%93,ace,,Urbanowicz,,Henneberg,,Zumbach,182.html

Check out these WWII stories involving Witold Urbanowicz! Great! He served also in the Pacific scaring the hell out of some Zero pilots 😀 Wow!

The Japanese pilots lost his last nerves. He didn’t know, that my guns are jammed. He only knew one thing, that death was hanging over him. Now he followed the instinct of all ground-bound animals: he escaped downwards, lowered his landing gear and attempted to land. He must have been crazy. At high speed he slammed into the ground, the plane crashed and exploded in fire.”

Read the full story here: http://www.chapshq.com/html_pages/witold_urbanowicz.htm


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