The dark streets of Gaza

Israeli forces are moving in. This conflict is very sad.

It happens before Palestinians could establish their own state. Without real Police, without a Government… how should anyone stop Hamas from firing the fucking Kasam rockets? No way. It’s a tragedy.

The country I come from (Poland) has been in a similar situation in 1981 (of course on a totally different – much bigger scale – but I think basically it’s the same). In 1981 the communist government of Poland had to stop the Solidarity movement ( somehow before Soviet Russia would move in with military forces. In Prague Soviets moved in with tanks in 1968 ( so everyone has been sure the same thing would happen in Poland. Solidarity wouldn’t stop – it had support by CIA. The Polish government declared martial law ( and arrested many activists. Soviets didn’t invade Poland in the end and a few years later the Soviet Empire together with all the communist governments in Eastern Europe vanished. My point is that only peace & democracy is a reasonable way out of conflicts.

The situation in Palestine is far more complicated and people are filled with hate, but nevertheless the only way out is peace & democracy!

My thoughts are with the ordinary people in Gaza AND with the poor Israeli Soldiers who are moving into Gaza. The urban warfare down there must be total horror! Trap mines, Terrorists everywhere. Scary! Moving through the dark streets of Gaza is probably the most difficult operation you can imagine. Even with night vision scopes, real time satellite maps, recon drones, direct air support that must be hell.

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