After posting the last entry in my blog I started looking for man made drones that might look like an UFO and stumbled over the UFO drone  hoax:


Really funny stuff, but this is all a fake. 🙂 All fakes are man made and also the “real UFOs” are man made in my opinion. I don’t think that Hitler survived and is hiding in an Antarctica or Atlantis UFO base! This is just fantasy of some sick people. What I think is that Nazis really experimented with everything to come up with a “Secret Weapon” that would allow them to win the war. The flying saucer is just one of the experimental designs. I BET that the US military has a lot of experimental toys in their hangars as well like these compilations show:

… some of the designs are reality today:

Useful in urban combat zones!

Ever played Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter? Then you know these drones. They got to work on the noise gosh darrn it! 😉

Ohh… I love the promotional videos of UAVs 😀

Is this the voice of the aghem… the “bitch” from Command & Conquer? 🙂


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