Computers Destroying the Print Media

Yahoo! Newsroom in Santa Monica, Calif.

Yahoo! Newsroom in Santa Monica, Calif.

Probably the best Valleywag post since a long time:

It comes out in a very interesting moment. Just yesterday i read about Yahoo! News being #1 in ComScore ! … and yes, it’s larger than CNN or anyone else if you look at it from a global perspective. Rock on!

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How to sell more TV sets

This is my ingenious idea for TV manufacturers how to get out of the financial crisis! Push Nintendo Wii sales! Just see how that works 😀

Obama’s Blackberry


I was so proud of my own Blackberry when I noticed that Omaba is also caring one on a trip to Hawaii before his inauguration. Great feeling! Is he really so addicted to his mobile phone or is this all just a marketing campaign? First it looked like he’s going to be forced to give it away but now they loaded tons of encryption software on his device to make it secure.


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The hero of the day


This is what I call a good pilot. Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III – the guy who landed the plane on the Hudson river.

Personally I look at the pilot every time I get into a plane if I get a chance to. No kidding… and hell, I KNOW what a stall is! This is what Sally manged to avoid when lading on the water! Jesus! He did a fantastic job with landing the plane.

I’m a flight simulator fan and played these kind of games since getting my ZX Spectrum 48K homecomputer as a 9 year old child! Later on the PC I played the MicroSoft Flight Simulator, I think starting from version 3.0 (I first had a 286  then a 486 and then a Pentium and later different Athlons).

BTW: I found a video of the ZX Spectrum Flight Sim 😀 LOL !

Here is a compilation of the MS Flight Sim versions:

Today I stopped playing the “peacful” simulators and prefer something with more action! 🙂

IL-2 “Smert” Sturmovik! (the latest 1946 edition)

Wings over Europe: Cold War Soviet Invasion