Israel vs. bunch of idiots


This is NOT Israel vs. Palestine. This is Israel vs. bunch of idiots!

Don’t think that I’m against Palestinians. I know an Ex-Patriot-Palestinian quite well and I call him a friend. He studied in Poland after getting injured in Palestine – he says he has a photo with Arafat, but I don’t believe him. Arabs can sell your own grandmother to you – He lived in the house of my parents in law for half a year here in Germany, nice guy, really. He did that because he borrowed some money in Poland and they were chasing him. In the end he lied to us about a new job and went back to Poland. Poor but really a fine person.

So what’s wrong with Hamas? This time I think they went too far. Shooting rockets at Israel all the time is NOT ok. Hamas are like the people around Barabbas ( in the bible. A bunch of idiots fighting for freedom like the Sicarii ( Pope Benedict said that in these days everyones thoughts are in the holy land. Yes, that’s true and maybe now everyone will understand. Israelis came from Egypt, took the land just like Romans did. Today, over 2000 years later we have an occupation. It doesn’t really matter who is to blame IMHO. More important is how to stop all this now. What was the REAL solution back then, 2000 years ago? What have people done 2000 years ago to cope with it? It was love & peace. Christianity FTW! I never thought I’m going to say that. LOL 😀

Russia Today – a News Network that I really like because they show an alternative point of view – CNN/Aljazeera are full of bullshit propaganda – Russia Today tried to find out who profits from the crysis in Israel – just watch!

Video: Russia Today.

Photo: AFP


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