US Army investing in “Games for Training” program


Computer Based Learning software or game? Maybe they will get better graphics now 😀 50 million dollars should be enough to get a nice gaming rack together. 😉

The screenshot is from a “game” the US military is using at the moment. It’s called DARWARS Ambush.




  1. I always liked America’s Army – they get great recruiting from that I’m sure.

  2. Although AA has great level design I never liked the “last man standing” game play. I love games like Battlefield by EA where you re-spawn after you got killed. I don’t want to wait till the next round to play 😉 I don’t have that much time. Watching others in spectator mode isn’t much fun. Also I tried the nearly impossible Special-Ops mission like 10 times and failed. Only with a hack/cheat that I made it through. I didn’t like that.

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