WarRock vs Urban Terror

It seems WarRock attracts more and more players (at least from what I see at the Chip.de Download charts). It’s a free first person multiplayer shooter that reminds me a little bit of Battlefield. The difference is that you can buy extra weapons, access to new game modes or more detailed stats for real money. The premium model seems to be similar to what DICE / EA want to do with Battlefield Heroes (that I personally didn’t like as an Enemy Territory player, mapper & level designer – BFH is just too childish and it crashed my Firefox3 browser all the time). I wonder who is copying here? DICE or the guys who run WarRock (K2 Network)? 😀 It looks like DICE doesn’t want to miss the train in standalone-free-but-premium-add-on games. Check out the WarRock trailer and a nice review here:

Get WarRock here: http://warrock.gamersfirst.com/index.php


Another great free first person shooter is Urban Terror. Actually this one is really 100% free and completely driven by the developer & player community. It was a Quake 3 Arena mod first (maybe not the best one – I liked Navy Seals much more http://www.ns-co.net/) but it survived the time when people stopped playing Q3A and is now available as a standalone program (running on IO – http://ioquake3.org/). As you will notice the game runs on the Quake 3 Arena engine so you don’t need the lastest next-gen-multi-core CPU nor the latest shader-model to play this game. The graphics got tuned in the many years after the release of Urban Terror so it has really solid quality. Don’t expecty anything revolutionary though.

Get Urban Terror here: http://www.urbanterror.net/news.php



  1. Urban Terror rocks War !

  2. Agree. I like Urban Terror also more. I hope they will add more team play in the next version.

  3. I have made a review of warrock at my site. Anybody who doesn’t play warrock should check it out it might give you some useful info!


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