AMD Roadmap

AMD announced several new mobile processors in their new Roadmap, but when I look at it I wonder if I should wait for the next generation AMD CPU type (like Deneb or Orochi). I think also that Orochi will come faster than planned.


More Information (German):,news-241940.html

Edit: This blog post is from November 2008 – to everyone looking for recent news about the AMD roadmap and news related to it I can recommend Tom’s Hardware site search:

Ads in YouTube – part II

Ok, Ok… I take it back. The YouTube / Google guys didn’t lose their mind in YouTube monetization in the end. Seems they have some brain left 😀 Finally the go for premium graphical advertising.


First it looked they are going to put Google AdSense ads in every video (probably they still have the technology activated – but hey, I don’ want to see ads for cat food when watching lolcats 😉  LOL )