Now that COD4 runs I started playing the SP part (that is really great fun btw) and see what I found in the missile base… the good old WOPR computer from my favorite movie Wargames !

So here it is:

Original Wargames trailer (1983):

COD4 runs freaking fast on my Athlon XP with default settings – maybe too fast – maybe they have been paid by Intel to block it becasue it runs so good on the AMD Athlon XP? I really wonder why they did that… they published seven patches after the release, so they had enough time to fix that if that was a bug. Really strange. Conspiration? How knows…

Activision doesn’t like my Athlon XP CPU


I got Call of Duty 4 from a colleague for free some time ago (he didn’t play it anymore so he gave it to me). I installed it but it crashed… OK. Now that Call of Duty 5 is nearly out (and I downloaded the Beta) I gave COD4 another chance. I installed all patches up to 1.7, but still the game crashed on startup.

Now guess what? I just had to delete a little fucking file (mssmp3.asi) and it runs perfectly on my Athlon XP 2600+ ATI X850 ! Bahhh! I’m really angry… Activision SUCKS BIGTIME !!! Yea, you block my CPU? Will never buy a Activisiong game again!



… will buy probably a AMD Phenom X4 9950  Black Edition next!

Info about the AMD Athlon XP ban in COD4 – and this is NO bug: http://www.mobclan.com/forums/upload/index.php?s=900cf9941f45609b3727a9ca0bda56da&showtopic=15959&st=15&p=165198&#entry165198