Free Zak McKracken point & click Adventure game

Original Zak McKracken game cover

Original Zak McKracken game cover (1988)

Finally I found some time to try out the free community driven Zak McKracken successor… and yea, the feeling is BACK !!! The good old feeling from the great LucasArts (former Lucasfilm) Adventure games from the 80’s & 90’s. Just if you wonder.. the guys who created the game worked for about 7 years on the game. Ok, this is not the usual development time but I know this from level design (that I do as a hobby). If you don’t work on something full time the development time gets really long. I worked like 2 years on Natterbase (RtCW) and also on Adlerhorst (W:ET). Between that I decided to make a small simple map called Sky Temple (JK:JA) and it also took me like 4-5 months so I guess 7 years for a non commercial project like Zak2:btas are totally normal.

Download Zak2:btas (btw it’s 2GB :D) here: – You won’t regret it 🙂


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