Lucky Piotr … but needs an OS. What about Ubuntu Ultimate?

I’m a lucky guy. I got two desktop machines recently for free:

1. A Mac G4 without a hard drive & and a power supply that doesn’t turn on sometimes.

2. A P4 3Ghz, 2GB, GF 7950 & two DVD burners and a broken power supply.

The Mac got a very old HD that I had somewhere but the problem is that this disk is so old that it tries to shut down after 5 mins. Heh… I bought now a new UDMA hard disk but I didn’t have time to build it in yet.

The P4 got a power supply that stopped to work in my Athlon 2600+ … in the P4 it seems to work. I hope it won’t brake again. I bought also a SATA hard disk for it.

So luckily I got OS X (I think the fist version) for the Mac but for the PC I’m now thinking abou the Operating System. XP or Vista? or… yea… Linux? But one that works for games. I was quite suprprised that there are many distros for games like the one of and Ubuntu Ultimate Gamers Edition

Probably I will install XP (although I have only once license but XPAntiSpy should prevent it from “phone home”) and Ubuntu.

Here is some info on Ubuntu:


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  1. Nudzisz juz tymi komputerami.

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