Free FPS like Warsow, Nexuiz & Quake Live

I somehow really miss Quake III Arena… really. No kidding. I don’t need all the fancy graphics that need a graphics card for 500 bucks. What I need is a free game… and a good one. It can have advertising or be OpenSource. I don’t care. I mean in the classic FPS genre we have Nexuiz that is really good, but Quake is just the original… Warsow? I hate Warsow… it looks nice but it seems that I have to be a pro gamer to compete with others there. Here is some footage about these games:




BTW: Another alternative is to Quake Live is OpenArena. I never tried it but it looks sick 🙂


What I tried out is World of Padman – I liked it but that’s a matter of taste.

World of Padman

Also Alien Arena and Tremulous look good.

Alien Arena




  1. Nice update! Maintain it..

  2. Btw. I got the beta key. I have no time to test now (as our baby arrived 😀 ) … I gave it to a friend and he was not very impressed. Seems you still need to download like a 300MB installer. I expected it to be more Java/Internet based as well.

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