Adlerhorst TE release today

Finally… a little break and then back to my Enemy Territory Quake Wars “Palac Kultury i Nauki (PKiN)” project 😀

In Game Ads

Do Stogg (Alien Race in Quake Wars) like LRECs?

Do Stogg (Alien Race in Quake Wars) like LRECs?

In an internal All-Hands here at Yahoo! in Munich I asked our SVP, Advertiser & Publisher Group about ads in games and if we want to experiment with that. My question brought up just an ignoring grin on his face. The answer was no, but we might build a game for an advertiser. OK… Rich

A few days later Google announced their flashy AdSense for Games. BOOM !

I know In-Game-Ads from Battlefield 2142 & Quake Wars and the ads have been quite a controversial topic:

(You might want to check the comment & the follow up in the forum if you are interested)

This is how the Intel ad campaign in Battlefield 2142 looks like:

The Intel ad is like on the end of the video. Intel also ordered a custom map for BF2 & BF2142 at DICE… I bet they spent quite a bunch of money at EA/DICE as Battlefield is more or less in maintenance-mode: