My “I’m a Mac I’m a PC” ad !

So finally here it is. My “I’m a Mac I’m a PC” ad 😀

Acer PREDATOR vs. Mac Mini

Intel Core 2 Quad 3.0GHz vs. 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

BTW: I don’t speak Taiwanese or whatever the language is and I don’t own an Acer Gamer PC. I just thought it might be a nice contrast! … but hell, this ACER is really a great machine. I really love the design:

Another funny “I’m a Mac I’m a PC” ad (probably more funny than mine):

Microsoft going crazy with “I’m a PC” campaign

After the epic fail of the Gates & Seinfeld ads Microsoft is going crazy. Now they ask users to make the “I’m a PC” ads. Outch! Did the “I’m a Mac I’m a PC” ad hurt so much? Wake up!

Info about the UGC (User Generated Content) campaign of Microsoft:

So this is the original that hurt Microsoft so much:

Microsoft then launched this weirdo campaign that totally failed!

Linux users got also affected. The South Park version claimed that you can’t run games and office applications on Linux… imagine how pissed Linux fans get. Pahh!

I think that the PC doesn’t really need any special ads, but I like the HP “Personal Again” campaign FTW.

So why do I think the PC doesn’t need any special ads:

– There are tons of Applications. Remember? Developers, Developers?… yea. That guy was right.
– PC Hardware is affordable. You get simply more computing power for the same price.
– Games, yea… this is where Apple really missed the train! All the good stuff comes out for the PC.

… but I really started to think my own UGC – “I’m a PC” ad 😀 Let’s see. I need now free animation software. What about Synfig Studio?


I’m no software engineer. I know PHP but never used it really at work or a real project. I started to build a custom webshop for my wife once but never finalized it.

The only programming language that I use is Visual Basic… and I like it. Recently I created a program for cleaning up messy csv files. It took me about 3-4 hours to learn about the changes from VB6 to Visual Basic Express 2008 and get it running. Microsoft did really a great job in providing documentation about the changes.  So you can call me a BASIC programmer. 😀

Many people think of a C64 and a blinking cursor when they hear BASIC. Times changed… and I think every Windows should come with a preinstalled Visual Basic. Maybe ordinary people will start to code again.

Wasn’t Bill Gates also a BASIC programmer? I think the only software he ever created was a game in BASIC… yea and Gunnery Sergant Lee Ermey (who was a real Drill Instructor back in the 60’s and did some combat time in Vietnam) recommends it:

Inquisitor Search add-on for Firefox

Wow! This is a great add-on. I’m very much impressed!

It really saves time when you search for something on the web. In most cases you don’t need to go the step over the search results page. Nice. 🙂

Check it out here:

It’s available for IE and Safari as well…


Great article about rewiring Yahoo!… and who is there on the second picture? My good old friend Neal Sample 😉 The father of Yahoo! 360° and the god of chief architects. Rock on m8!

Photo by Pragmagraphr

Microsoft reduces prices on Office

OpenOffice scared the hell out of Microsoft! They are reducing prices on Microsoft Office! Wow!

IMHO OpenOffice is better and it’s for free. Most important it doesn’t make you feel so lost like Office 2007. They should also reduce prices on Vista, before the same happens with people moving to Linux distros like Ubuntu Ultimate.

Get a Mac – Bean Counter

This is a funny ad. I don’t have Vista and I think I won’t really need it in near future, but Vista doesn’t make me switch to a Mac. I’m a gamer and the latest games just don’t come out on the Mac. So Ballmer was right when shouting “Developers Developers” … the game developers make me stay on the PC, yea and the price… Like everything for the Mac is more expensive. Not only the Mac itself. Even a power supply (for the G4 that I want to fix 😉 ) is more expensive. For the PC a basic power supply is like 30 Eur and for the Mac it’s 70 Eur.

Designed by Apple in California

Today I set up the monitor switch between my three machines and built in the 80GB HD that I bought for the G4 Mac. Instead of making things better they got worse. With the new HD the G4 runs for only 15 seconds. LOL 😀 With the old HD it runs longer but when the system tries to turn it off & on the system crashes. Also with the old HD the Mac runs like for five minutes… so not really usable. Looks like the power suppy is too old… and it smells like burned plastic. Probably it’s nearly broken (Can I call it: near-death-experience-power-supply? 🙂 ). The 80 GB HD will go into my Athlon XP or the Pentium 4 probably. Let’s see.

A funny thing that I noticed on the back of the Mac is the “Designed by Apple in California” label… this is not “Made in USA” or something… no. It’s California. 😀 Nice!

Obama Ads in Video Games

I think this is smart… really smart. This is the state of the art advertising. The latest and best… and the Obama campaing is using it. Respect!

Klaus Kinski’s theory of “clueless or vicious”

Klaus Kinski was mad… and I mean: really mad. I watched an interview he gave in the 70s or 80s and there is a very interesting phrase: “Either you are clueless or vicious”. I think that in most cases people are dumb and clueless and not vicious and don’t want you anything bad but I ask myself this this question very often.

Inverview in full length (in German):